Michael Warhurst

Dr Michael Warhurst has been Executive Director of CHEM Trust since July 2014. CHEM Trust is a UK registered charity that works at EU, UK and International levels to prevent man-made chemicals from causing long term damage to wildlife or humans, by ensuring that chemicals which cause such harm are substituted with safer alternatives – see www.chemtrust.org. His work focuses on leading the organisation and working with his team and with other NGOs to improve chemicals policies, in particular the EU policy on endocrine disrupting chemicals, the EU’s REACH regulation and EU laws on chemicals in food contact materials. He also leads CHEM Trust’s work on Brexit.

He worked on waste & resource use at Friends of the Earth from 2005-June 2014, including heading up Friends of the Earth Europe’s Resources and Consumption programme for over 5 years. Prior to this he worked on chemicals policy at WWF European Policy Office for 3 years and at Friends of the Earth for 5 years, focussing on advocating for reform of EU chemicals policy and working on the initial stages of EU chemicals law REACH.

He is a PhD Biochemist, with an MSc in Environmental Chemistry and a degree in Biochemistry

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